Media 5 - Music Video Production

Linear Wipeout!

Molly and I have spent the last couple of studio sessions in the edit suites watching the rushes from last week’s shoot and editing together the footage that we have to the music.

Olivia edited together some footage over the weekend from Perth using iMovie, just playing around with some ideas. We liked one of the edits that she created using a preset effect in the iMovie software, so we’ve been trying to recreate it in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The effect uses the linear wipe transition to slide one piece of footage across the screen to play at the same time as another, essentially a sliding split screen effect. What we’ve found when experimenting with the footage is that, while the transition effect gets us about 3/4 of the way to where we want it to go, it doesn’t do everything we want. We’re hoping that Amber and Olivia’s experience with Premiere will help to shed some light on what else needs to be tweaked in order to get the transition just right.

We’ve also realised how much time you can actually spend in the edit suites obsessing over the tiniest edit. If you’re not careful, you come out of there resembling something out of The Walking Dead

Here are links to some of the video tutorials we watched online to help us better understand how the linear wipe transition works and how to use it:


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