I love this quote. It came up in a class today and I remembered just how inspiring it really is – because it’s TRUE!!!

All creatives need to listen to this over and again whenever they’re feeling like the work they’re producing is shit, like they’re never going to get to where they want to be. We’re all shit at doing until we’re not anymore. You just have to keep pushing through, and making and making and making.

Film Reviews in 100 Words or Less

Birdman (or, The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

The journey of a washed up actor trying to revive his career on Broadway, complicated by his superhero split personality.

It’s the simplicity of the thing (narrative, continuous long shot, solo drum track) that allows performances from Keaton, Norton and Stone to shine.

A light touch of kookiness throughout (superpowers, special effects, nakedness) adds rather than detracts.

Did you notice the thematic dichotomy of truth/acting throughout? I could spend 1000 words on that alone, but I won’t.

I am still in awe of the choreography that would have had to go into shooting this.

4/5 – because I hate ambiguous endings.

Vintage cameras
Making Media

Turning the tables on stock photography

Whenever I start a session of web browsing that resembles Alice’s tumble down the rabbit hole, I usually end up with a crash-inducing number of tabs open in my browser and a wealth of new sights and sounds that are bookmarked but (inevitably) never visited again.

Recently, I came across two websites that won’t be resigned to the same fate. I will be returning to them again and again because their offering is just so awesome, and so, so generous.

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Blackberry Passport
Everything Else

Blackberry Passport. OH YEAAAAAH!

I’ve been a Crackberry addict for most of the last decade.

When I got my first Blackberry (thanks Dad!) I actually hated it for a good 2-3 weeks. The learning curve was steep but once I “got” it, there was no way in the world I was going to switch to anything else. People complain about lack of apps and “who even uses Blackberry anymore?” and blah blah blah. Whatever. Once you learn the BB OS, you realise that it’s the best and most intuitive phone OS out there. Especially BB10.

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