Our final music video has been completed and submitted. I feel strangely removed from the final work because I wasn’t as involved in post-production as I was in the pre- and production phases. My role in post was more of an advisory role, I guess you could say. Being stuck at home with a medical condition during the final week didn’t help either!

The first time I watched the final submission, I couldn’t help but smile. It was done (ahh, sweet relief!) and while it isn’t exactly what I had in mind originally, it is still a fun MV and I think it captures the essence of what we were trying to achieve.

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I love this quote. It came up in a class today and I remembered just how inspiring it really is – because it’s TRUE!!!

All creatives need to listen to this over and again whenever they’re feeling like the work they’re producing is shit, like they’re never going to get to where they want to be. We’re all shit at doing until we’re not anymore. You just have to keep pushing through, and making and making and making.