Media 5 - Music Video Production

Decisions, Decisions

The hardest part of PB2 is deciding which music video to analyse.

I spent way too much time today watching music videos for songs that I love trying to find one that is suitably interesting enough to focus my analysis on. Now I’m limiting myself to deciding between just two: Country House and The Universal, both singles from Blur’s The Great Escape.

All of Blur’s music videos are fun and interesting, and I feel they compliment the songs well (which, especially during the Britpop era, already have quite interesting stories to tell). The MV for Country House is cute, not a narrative in itself but more a fun visual compliment to the lyrics. The MV for The Universal is an homage to Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, and the sci-fi theme of the MV suits the song despite not reflecting the narrative of the lyrics directly. What it does do is evoke the feeling and the sentiment of the song and its lyrics instead.

So, which one will I choose? I guess you’ll have to wait until my presentation next week to find out!


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